Email marketing

From who to wow.

Build a loyal following without becoming a digital pest. Profitable campaigns begin here.

Reader-first emails

Readers are treated as first-class citizens when we manage your campaigns. From segmentation to personalisation, we create emails that are tasteful and profitable.

Value, not spam

We strictly adhere to all anti-spam regulations and guidelines (such as CAN-SPAM, PDPR, GDPR and so on). We do not, and never will believe in spam.

More than direct-response

With our roots stemming from writing direct-response copy, and with expertise spanning the full marketing stack, we know how high-performing campaigns work.
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Discovery and strategy

Discover quick wins

Every engagement with FableForce begins with an in-depth look at your current practices. We use these insights to guide your email marketing path.

Email audit

Find your gaps

Identify issues that need fixing, find opportunities for quick wins, and implement recommendations for sustainable, long-term email marketing results.

Email strategy

Chart the right email path

We carefully choose and craft the right email strategy to maximize your email marketing ROI.

Content creation

From idea to draft.

Email content is the beating heart of a powerful, high performing email marketing campaign. From single emails to full email marketing sequences, we'll help you to create compelling email content that people want to open, engage with, and convert on.

Top figure

Content that converts.

Create powerful emails that are easy to open, easy to read, and easily converts.

Delicious headlines

Use powerful headlines that practically beg to be opened.

AIDA, PAS, FAB, 4Ps...all possible

Leverage popular sales copywriting techniques to convince and convert readers into buyers.

Tech stack

Behind every send.

FableForce is so much more than just an email marketing provider. We're full-stack digital natives who know how to use the power of the Web to drive impact to your ambitions.

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Expertise spanning digital marketing spectrum Seamlessly deploy email marketing with less headaches Experts always ready to help

Audience segmentation

Group your readers into different segments by using rules, demographics and more. Enhance predictability and visibility in your campaigns.


Conditions and Integrations

Set up sophisticated or simple rules and conditions that can be linked via APIs to your tools for greater efficiency and data flow.


A/B testing and optimisation

Continuously test and iterate different elements in your emails to find the best content-profit-fit. On your behalf, we'll create different variations.

We'll handle the complexity behind every send.

We'll take care of the setup

We'll make sure your email marketing infrastructure is properly structured from blueprint to rdeployment.

We'll handle the integrations

We'll build an email marketing system and workflow that's free from bugs and orchestrates data where it needs to go.

Full email stack education

Keep critical team members up to speed on your new email marketing stack for fast, predictable results.

Email marketing platform

We'll choose an email marketing platform that fits your needs, or optimise your current setup.

Delivery and sending

Email deliverability directly affects profit. From list cleaning, to proper email authentication protocols, we keep your sender reputation high.

Email compliance

We don't believe in spam, and never will. We fully adhere to all key compliance guidelines like PDPA, CAN-SPAM Act, GDPR, CASL and more for peace of mind.


Strategies that work, execution that never falters, and insights that's ahead of the curve.That's FableForce.

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