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Websites need to be a profit driver, not a cost factor. Build web workhorses, not brochure-sites with FableForce.

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Full-stack web capabilities

From front-end development to back-end architecture design and build, FableForce does it all.

From idea to code

Take your ideas and transform them into beautiful, impactful and profitable sites. All possible here.

Built for the modern web

We believe that websites should drive the bottom line, and we build sites that rank and convert.
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Demystifying complexity in web design.

Web development can look deceptively simple. We blend our understanding and expertise across the wide spectrum of digital marketing and web development to create functional, interactive, and narrative-driven websites that convert.

design layer
Visual architecture

Clean and modern, or sophisticated? We help you layout how elements are laid out on your site.


The right fonts accentuate your brand image. We choose fonts that fit your identity, not generic ones.

Color scheme

We can either adapt your existing palettes, or add new ones if you don't have any.


Deliver compressed images, videos and more with modern web formats, without sacrificing quality.

Interactions & more

Create meaningful interactions that elevate your brand's message.

Front-end layer

Pop in a front-end library or framework like Bootstrap, or create your own design system.


The raw building block of your webpage. We use it to make your site content-rich, and SEO friendly.


CSS controls colors, animations and more, enabling us to create beautiful branded experiences.


Add additional functionality and interactivity to your site with the power of JavaScript.

Conditional logic

Use conditional logic to customise and personalise experiences for your users.

back-end layer

Depending on your website's requirements, the right database can make a difference in scalability and performance.


Design RESTful or GraphQL APIs to expose backend functionality and data for third-party or in-house tools to consume.


A Content Management System enables your team to easily add and/or edit content on your site without touching code.


Lock unwanted users out of your site, and control the different levels of access based on pre-defined roles.

Security & scalability

Protect your site against brute force attacks and other hacks. We utilise different layers of security to keep your site safe.

content layer
Content architecture

Structure your site's content around relevant topics, categories and more.

Post types

Create custom post types that help to better organise your data for SEO and maintenance down the line.


Use fields to better control your content from the backend, instead of having to fiddle with code.


Assign specific roles to editors, managers and more, and control access to your site on a granular level.

Content workflow

Set up a content workflow that works around your team, instead of forcing everyone to adhere to one.

e-commerce layer
Payment gateways

Set up specific payment gateways like Stripe or Credit Cards to accept payments easily on your site.

E-commerce APIs

Leverage popular e-commerce APIs like BigCommerce or Shopify to easily display and sell products on your site.

Checkout flow

Build a custom, branded checkout flow experience for your users that streamlines the order process.


Enable shoppers to easily track their orders, delivery status and more.

E-commerce workflow

Enable shoppers to easily track their orders, delivery status and more.

Speed layer
Code optimisation

Clean up unwanted code that's hurting your searchability, and minify it to speed pages up.


Speed up your site by utilising cache on your pages. Faster pages mean better profit.

Image optimisation

Optimise all media files to deliver them faster to your end user. The result is a speedier site.


Compress code output, and serve up optimal bundle sizes for a faster web experience.


Serve assets in best suited formats while considering modern ones like WebP and Avif.

marketing layer
Easy to edit

Enable your marketing teams to easily make edits to your site without fiddling with code.

Easy to restrict

If your marketing team works with outsourced providers, site control has to be granular.

Workflow design

Translate marketing workflows into actual web processes. We'll architect a workflow that streamlines, not block, your process.


Integrate your site to work seamlessly with your favorite marketing or sales tools, and create a branded workflow.


Analyse different parts of your website to find out what makes your users tick.

Testing layer
UI/UX testing

Test your designs before launch to ensure that key elements are easily found and navigated to.

Scalability tests

We conduct stress tests on your site to ensure that it loads well regardless of traffic size.

Functionality tests

We test different functionalities on your site to ensure that everything works as it should before launch.

Integration tests

We use Selenium WebDriver to conduct deep integration tests, and ensure seamless connectivity between apps.

Security tests

We mimic typical hack attacks on your site in a safe environment to cover any potential security flaws.

additional features

Fill your website with key information and keywords for search engines to better understand the context of your content.

Schema markup

Teach search engines what your data means, not just what it says. Include critical, contextual information that enhance searchability.


See what your teams are doing on the marketing front with edit histories and controls.


We offer best-in-class hosting services that keep your sites fast, secure and reliable.


Glocal-ise your website, and serve location specific content to different users for a customised experience.


Strategies that work, execution that never falters, and insights that's ahead of the curve.That's FableForce.

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