About FableForce

From zero to impact.

FableForce helps brands of all sizes handle marketing operations without the stress, from simple brochures, to full-blown global marketing deployments.

Full-stack marketing

Whatever your marketing needs are, we can do it. Our expertise spans across the entire marketing spectrum.

Proven track record

We've helped hundreds of brands and people discover their brand story and drive profitable digital impact.

Collaborative, not directive

We're open-minded consultants who's ready to follow your brand story wherever she goes. Marketing with us is a breeze.
Full-spectrum digital marketing. Go from start to impact. 12 years and counting. This is full-impact marketing. This is FableForce.
Our clients

Trusted by the world's most ambitious brands.

We serve companies big and small, and have helped them break profit milestones, hire the right talent, and better navigate the digital marketing landscape. Our work isn't limited to driving leads; it's only limited by how big you dare to dream.

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What we do

The everything of marketing

We're building a marketing resource that helps brands get ahead of the curve, distinguish themselves from the noise, and drive digital impact with the power of story.

Marketing solutions

Full-stack, full impact

FableForce helps you reduce complexity and time constraints in your marketing operations.

Marketing education

Stay ahead of the curve

The marketing multiverse is always evolving. We're always sharing what works what doesn't.


Speed up your workflows

Marketers shouldn't operate in silos. We create tools that enable marketers to better get work done.

Our services

Your all-in-one marketing partner is here.

Marketing can get complicated and become a time-suck quickly. FableForce empowers you to focus on the bigger things than worrying about how to drive impact to your ideas.

Feature 1

Full creative capabilities

We're able to create on-brand assets at a whim. Stories are created and told, in-house.

Feature 2

Strategies included

We mindfully adopt your brand strategies in our work, and can even create digital strategies that work for you upon request.


Ever-expanding solution-set

Just as marketing is constantly evolving, we're always broadening our solutions to help you better cope with increasing marketing complexity. When you work with FableForce, you're always ahead of the curve.


Magical support

Our value add to companies is an experience in itself. When you work with FableForce, marketing becomes an enabler; not a cost center. 

All here, right here.

Our clients work with us to reduce complexity in marketing, condensed into one single source of truth.

You're never left alone.

Campaigns or initiatives that leave you behind after submission suck. At FableForce, we make sure everyone is on the same page before moving on.

Tools and more

Our value add to companies is an experience in itself. When you work with FableForce, marketing becomes an enabler; not a cost center. 

our philosophy

The FableForce way.

Our magical sauce for digital success has been a part of our DNA since our inception in 2012. It's the reason why brands choose us, and continue to work with us over the years.

Fast response

We're quick to help, and fast to respond. We're always committed to better telling your story.

Focused on solutions

We don't throw out jargon and impressive fluff to throw conversations off. We offer solutions, everytime.

There's an answer for that

We're able to quickly share details about any marketing questions you might have, and we're always expanding our marketing knowledge too.

Fast, bespoke execution and generous edits

Part of the FableForce magic lies in the speed of our work. We can take you from ideation to impact in a flash.

About our team

Great minds in marketing.

We're fully trained and operate across the digital marketing spectrum, so you always have best-in-class support for your marketing needs.

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Our leadership team

John Chen

Partner, Strategy & Creative Lead

John leads our Strategic & Creative initiatives. On top of creative flair, John brings deep strategic, technological and marketing experience - the hallmarks of FableForce - to every client that we serve. John's marketing insights and perspectives are strongly inspired by human behavior and psyche - a characteristic he believes can only be tapped on through the power of story. Prior to FableForce, John started his career as a writer, penning articles for blogs, editorials, and various other ventures, before co-founding the company with Shermaine; solidifying his passion for helping brands and people tell their story, while driving their ambitions forward.
BBA(Marketing), NTU, Nanyang Business School (NBS)
LinkedIn Power Profile 2016, 2017

Shermaine Tan

Partner, Digital Campaigns & Analytics

Shermaine leads our Distribution, Campaigns, and Analysis initiatives. Shermaine brings a wealth of search, social and analytical experience - signatures of FableForce's ever-expanding solution-set - to our clients. Shermaine's keen eye for details, coupled with deep-rooted experience across the marketing spectrum give our clients the advantage in deployments.
Across her career, Shermaine has served clients of all sizes. From startups to enterprises, clients rely on her advice to discover and capitalise on digital gaps for sustainable, profitable wins.

BBA(Marketing), National University of Singapore (NUS)

Our impact

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why clients choose us

Best-in-class digital marketing. Distinctively FableForce.

There are many reasons to love working with FableForce. Here are some of them.

Ask us anything.

We're full-stack marketers with expertise and knowledge spanning a wide spectrum of topics. Clients love that they can ask us anything; and receive the right answers to any marketing challenge.

Knowledge across the marketing-verse

We don't promise to know the answer to everything; but we know enough to find the right answers to your questions and challenges.

Always ahead of the curve

We're always ingesting new developments in the marketing world; and bringing those insights to our work and consultancy. That means you get updated information everytime.

Work speed at warp speed

We're fast with our work, and don't waste any time, money or effort with your marketing operations.

We do everything in-house

Stories have to be coherent to be impactful. That's why we do everything in-house.

Lightspeed response

That's how our clients feel about our response time. Our support has gotten clients out of tough spots, saved campaigns, and so much more.
who we help

Impact for all sizes

FableForce empowers adaptive businesses and enterprises to fully utilise the modern marketing stack for greater discoverability, returns, and impact.

Viral growth

Go from the seed of an idea to viral growth with FableForce's growth hacking full-stack marketing solutions.

Outsourced CMO Start from scratch Build viral marketing growth
Mature processes
Most popular

Alleviate your marketing burdens with best-in-class marketing solutions you can safely trust.

Work with seasoned pros Advice you can trust Every stage of the funnel
Predictable growth

Entrust your marketing operations to FableForce in search of better growth, brand awareness, and much more.

Profitable campaigns Grow where it's needed Train and upskill your staff
Multi-faceted expertise

With 12 years of experience running campaigns for some of the world's top brands, we know digital.


We're quick to grasp difficult concepts across industries, diverse schools of thought, and distill them into profitable actions.

Bespoke solutions

We firmly believe marketing should be about the story; not the template. Every brand is unique, and our role to tell it differently.


Be a FableForce marketer.

At FableForce, we're enabling brands and people to drive digital impact without getting lost in the complexity of marketing. Sound like something up your alley?

You'd be a great fit if you'd like to:
Work on hair-pulling marketing tasks Learn and experiment with novel marketing methods Consistently delight clients and go the extra mile
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